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Animation videos and explanimations (explaining animations), are very labour-intensive to make. Therefore it’s very important to prepare each step in detail so that we don’t have to face any unpleasant surprises!

First, we will make an appointment (optionally via Skype) to get acquainted. During the interview, we’ll determine what exactly needs to be told, for whom the message must be clear and where the animation video or explanimation will be used.

Each request is different; the method of VIER Video & Animation will be adjusted to match each specific order:


1. Introduction
Following our appointment I will make a quotation that matches your wishes. This can be a short video based on photos or an animation or explanimation in your very own style/branding. Take a look at our products for more options.

2. Content
Based on your wishes I’ll write a script (text) or voice-over text in which the content is processed. After your approval I will create a Storyboard if required. A Storyboard is sort of a frame-by-frame comic in which you can see what happens during each line of text. This is especially useful for complex animation videos and explanimations.

3. Form
We’ll collect or create all the needed images. For an animation or explanimation you can provide illustrations or I can make unique illustrations that fits your desires. Then I’ll animate all images. The first version of your animation will be ready for viewing online.

4. Check!
If you have any comments, I will edit the animation or explanimation. When you’re satisfied with the animation, I’ll send you the file digitally. If you need help with the placing of the animation or explanimation, you can always contact me!