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VIER Video & Animation specializes in visualizing a story in a clear and simple manner: Animation videos and Explanimations (explaining animation). In close cooperation with the customer and, if necessary, with other specialists, VIER Video & Animation works in a structured way so that a complex message can be deconstructed and reproduced as simple as possible. In only four simple steps your message will be translated into moving image; for example an animation or explanimation.

Explain your story quick and easy through moving images.

Use your corporate video as an introduction on your website. Put your explanimation on the television screens in your waiting room or exhibition stand (narrow casting). Send your animation to potential customers through mail, social media or show it during a presentation.

Your business card in motion!

Iris Visser started in 2010 with her one-woman business under the name Iris Visser multimedia productions. Starting from 2013, she continued under the name VIER Video & Animation. Vier means four in Dutch and stands for the four steps needed to create a beautiful and unique animation.


Others on the collaboration with Iris:

Iris has made two beautiful animations for Jez Basis GGZ. Iris’ strength is that she can visualize her clients whishes. She is creative and a business woman. A great joy to work with.
Natasja Visser, Jez | Elker | Het Poortje

The cooperation with the Explanimates was very enjoyable. We made clear and unambiguous agreements within a tight schedule. The expectations were reflected properly.
Folkert Linnemans, Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma

Iris has made a beautiful animation for the new digital client platform of Accare, Your Environment, to explain it’s use to children and adolescents. Iris works in clear steps, each of which she tests according to the clients taste. She transforms the given information to a short and clear message fit for animating and produces creative and fitting images with enough room for consultations. Also Iris works quickly, creates a clear future image, adheres appointments and is flexible.
Sandra Gijmink, Accare

Creative and unique, playful animations and fast thinking. Good qualities which you need to create a wonderful product in a short amount of time!
Peter Doorn, RTV Drenthe